Sorry to disappoint, but this is not the same Jimmy McGill from “Better Call Saul.”  Although, this website has a Jimmy McGill with a slimy personality that makes him think that he could have been the inspiration for the character.  


From the artist:
While hiding behind a dumpster as a kid in a Los Angeles suburb, Jimmy found a long, yellow-stained tube that doubled as his whistle.  His mother later informed him that it was a catheter.  This created two things in Jimmy...germaphobia and a fascination with found objects.  A small fraction of Jimmy’s assemblage work can be found on the “Works” page. A handful of these pieces may currently be on display, or available for purchase.  Please reach out to the artist via the “Contact” page if interested on the website.

Jimmy’s art career is currently on hiatus as he runs
Glitterati Tours, here in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills!